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Factors To Consider When Making Parenting Arrangements

Divorce and separation have become an inevitable phenomenon in modern families. A normal modern family is made up of two spouses and children in most cases. When the time comes and a marriage has to be dissolved, an understanding must be reached on the way forward for both parents and children. Parenting arrangements have to be part of this understanding and they are used to dictate who takes up which responsibilities and when.

Parenting arrangements can be agreed upon in a court of law or outside a court of law. These arrangements are normally put in place to make sure that children do not suffer because of the split between their parents. The welfare and well-being of children should always be put first when determining any form of parenting arrangement.

Separated families may find it hard to come to a resolution on which parenting arrangement they should take up. Many issues do arise due to the friction that may already exist between the parting spouses. However, any divorce or separation should be carried out amicably in order to avoid inconveniencing the children in any way. There is no perfect parenting arrangement that exist out there but parents can agree to come to an understanding that can work for both of them. Here are a few factors to consider when coming up with parenting arrangements:

What Is In The Best Interest Of The Kids?

In any divorce or separation proceeding, the fate of the children in the separating family is always put first. Where the kids will be living, going to school, spending holidays and so forth are some of the things that have to be discussed at length. When one of the parents is awarded the responsibility of being the primary guardian, the other parent must also be awarded a major role to play in the lives of the children. Any arrangement that is agreed upon must make sure that the interests of the kids have been well taken care of.

Agreeing Upon a Feasible and Practical Parenting Arrangement

Again, when coming up with a parenting arrangement, time allocated to both parents to spend with their kids has to be equal. Children need to know that they still have both parents even though they are separated. However, coming up with a perfect arrangement that will make sure that a child spends equal time with both parents is almost impossible. Some compromises have to be made in order for a child to have some peace of mind. One of the parents can forfeit some privileges in order to make the parenting arrangement more practical and feasible.


Last but not least, a mode of communication between the separated spouses has to be agreed upon. This is necessary so that they can keep each other updated on the welfare and well-being of the children. Also, how important messages will be communicated to the children should be agreed upon.

Extended family members from both sides of the separated family may also want to get involved. This issue should also be discussed extensively and a common decision reached. Where separated families need assistance in formulating parenting arrangements, legal advice can always be sought.


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