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San Diego Preschool Choosing The Right Preschool Approach

When looking for the best San Diego preschool for your child, its best to consider the approach you want. Contrary to what you might think, Chula Vista preschool program offerings are not created at random. Look at the video below to learn what to look for in a preschool:

There are core approaches and each school leans towards one or another. Heres a rundown of the approaches today and how they make a difference in your childs education:

Child Centered

Youll often see this term in the preschool brochure, which basically means that the interests of the child hold primary sway in the institution.

This Chula Vista preschool program lets the kids choose the activities they want to do, instead of a pre-determined activity assigned by the teacher. This allows them to explore more of their world. It stands to reason that the preschool would have several facilities to encourage different activities and keep all the students entertained. For parents, this means having a pretty good idea of exactly what their childs interest are and having feedback from the teachers.


This is the opposite of child-centered and basically allows the teachers to set up activities on a daily basis, following a certain curriculum. On the plus side, this exposes the child to a healthy balance of different educational aspects.

This allows your preschoolers to have a well-rounded interest in practically everything.


If you are a strong religious family, then this type of preschool may be your ideal option. A faith based San Diego preschool centers their lessons in the bible, so they teach religious or spiritual discipline.

Other activities are also enforced in this preschool but for the most part, they are centered on religion. For example, they may teach about the different animals and use the story of Noahs Ark for it.

Developmentally Appropriate

Not all kids in preschool are of the same age. Typically, youll find that the preschool accepts kids within the same age bracket, like 3 to 5 years of age. A Developmentally Appropriate preschool considers the specific age of the child and provides them with activities that suit their needs.

This means that while 4-year olds may be encouraged to color with crayons, 5-year olds may be given painting materials to promote creativity. This type of approach usually requires a lower student to teacher ratio so that sufficient attention is given to each child.

The beauty here, however, is that your child wouldnt be exposed to too much or too little activity. They will be exposed to those that are just right to promote consistent development.


This kind of preschool encourages parents to be part of the activities, and not just on a per-child basis. Rather, parents are asked to help with the day to day running of the school and fundraising and forging community connections. This is perfect for full-time moms who want to stay close to their children during their growing years. Another plus of this approach is that the preschool is likely to be cheaper because the parents readily shoulder some of the workload.

Child Led

As opposed to child centered, a child led San Diego preschool focuses on the individual needs of the child while at the same time waiting for them to initiate any change in activities.

This means that teachers usually allow the child to have fun with any activity they want and wait for any signal from the child to change it. Such changes are done individually and not on a per-group basis so students may be doing different things at the same time.

Pre Kindergarten Child Care in San Diego

This type of approach considers the future education of the child and prepares him for kindergarten. Traditionally, this is the year before the child enters kindergarten and more often than not, its in the same school where the child will eventually go.

Since its essentially a preparatory school, the curriculum is more structured with a schedule system and a lesson plan, which gets kids started with their letters and numbers. At this point, most of the children are in the age of four or five.

Its not surprising to find a preschool, which claims to be a combination of these different approaches. However, be aware that for the most part, only ONE approach is really utilized by the school.

There is NO wrong approach so it really falls down to the kind of personality your child has. If your child appreciates a structured system, then a teacher-led approach will be ideal.

However, if your child likes to lead, then one of the best preschools in San Diego for him is that which puts the focus on the students.


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