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Suggestion To Add A Bit Of Magic To Your Wedding Party

When you want your wedding reception to be special, you will have to go all out to provide very special entertainment for your guests. While most wedding receptions will have standard disc jockey or wedding singer, additional entertainment should be considered to wow your guests. Here are a few suggestions for this alternative entertainment.

Novelty entertainers such as magicians, circus style clowns or stilt walkers can add an entertaining aspect to your wedding reception. They will certainly be noticed by your guests and create a sense of excitement as they mingle with the crowds. A sketch artist who can draw caricatures of the guests could also be an interesting and attractive form of entertainment. As the artist is drawing a guest, the other guests will tends to look over the artist shoulder to see the art work in progress. As the crowd gathers around the artist, this will encourage other guests to volunteer to have a caricature done. The guests are rewarded with an excellent piece of unique artwork which they can take home and enjoy later.

A harpist is an excellent addition to any wedding as they can play as part of the wedding ceremony and also entertain the guests at the reception. Harp music is very calming and relaxing and can provide an ideal ambience at the wedding party.

Some wedding parties do not allow children to attend, while others welcome children. When children are in attendance, you will want them to be entertained. Face painting is an inexpensive and enjoyable form of entertainment which young children will love. The face painter can usually paint Disney characters and superheroes on the childrens faces, which will certainly delight the younger guests. Hiring a childrens entertainer such as a puppeteer is also an idea which will engage the younger audience. The puppeteer could provide a wedding theme which will be in keeping with the day.

Photo booths can be hired to provide an inexpensive and engaging form of entertainment at the wedding reception. The photo booth can be set up where people gather to help the guests to get to know each other and interact. A photo booth operator is usually part of the deal when photo booth is hired and the operator can set up the photo booth, show the guests how to use it, and provide technical assistance in case of any technological problems. The guests can use props to add humour to the photographs and videos. Green screen technology can also be used to create exciting and interesting backgrounds. The guests will have excellent souvenirs of the wedding and the wedding couple will have access to all the photos and videos that were taken.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and that they will give you some ideas on how to enhance your wedding day reception. After all the most important thing to get right when it comes to entertainment at your wedding reception, is that your guests will go home content and excited with what they have seen and experienced.


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