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What Happens During Ramadan?

While the date changes each year, there are certain things that stay intact whenever the Ramadan Timetable comes. What one could keep in mind is that it has a lot to do with disregarding trivial things, or the temptations of the mind and bodyand focusing on serving Allah by doing essential religious practices.

The Religious Practices

The Religious Practices that will be done in the duration of the Ramadan Timetable are the following:

Fasting. More than anything, fasting is the most importantand most recognizedfacet of Ramadan. Muslims believe that fasting is a sign and an observance of worship, increased devotion, improvement, and spiritual reflection. By fasting, one gets to exert more effort in following what the Quran saysand in living by Muhammads example. By fasting, one also gets to practice restraint, sinful speech, and abstaining from any form of sexual relation, as well, because when one fasts, he gets to discipline his mind, and take his heart away from worldly activities that do not matter. This way, the person could be considered pure once again.

Charity. Also known as Zakat, charity is another important facet of the Ramadan Timetable. This is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam, and is considered an Islamic obligation. Fortunate people should be inclined to give to the less-fortunate because good deeds shall be rewarded throughout the yearand because it is the right, justifiable thing to do. Giving more during Ramadan is said to be better because it means that one can maximize his rewards for the good things he has doneespecially during the Last Judgment.

Nightly Prayers. Apart from the usual, extra prayersalso known as Tarawihhave to be uttered at night. While they are not compulsory, many Muslims still do them as an act of faith during the Ramadan. Its also a good way of easing a believers heart, and is said to have been performed by Muhammad thousands of years ago.

The Recitation of the Quran. And of course, it is also important to recite whats in the Quran. In fact, the recitation of the whole Quran is imminentand it is done by making use of special prayers. Eventually, the whole book gets to be recited. The prayers are uttered in Mosques every evening during the Ramadan Timetable.

Faith. And finally, once participants have done everything that has been mentioned above, it only means that their faith is improved and strengthenedall because they get to participate in these religious deeds, forget the needs of the flesh, and understand why its important to mimic the deeds of the prophet, Muhammad. And when that happens, a Muslim becomes a better, stronger, and more faithful individual.

Patience and Wisdom

As a Muslim, its important that one gets to practice and improve his faithfor it is the only way of getting closer to Muhammadand to Allah himself.

By doing whats needed during the Ramadan Timetable, the life of a Muslim becomes more meaningfuland definitely a whole lot more complete!


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