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The History Of The Chinese Zodiac

There are two distinct philosophies related to the history of the Chinese Zodiac

1. The Tale

From a young age, children are told the story of how the Jade Emperor called upon all the animals in the world to attend a banquet. The order in which they arrived, determines the order of the zodiac. The Rat won the race to the palace, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit Dragon, Snake, Ram, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and lastly the Pig.

The tale goes onto to relate the tactics that the various animals used to get ahead. For example, the Rat, sneaky and cunning, sat on the head of the Ox to win the race by a whisker. These tactics are used to define the different characteristics of the zodiac signs.

While this is a sweet tale to teach the different zodiac signs and characteristics, the actual history is far more complicated and difficult to unravel.

2. The Reality

Just like the roots of Hinduism and some other oriental religions, the background of the Chinese Zodiac is difficult to trace and there is still much debate among scholars regarding the actual history.

Early artifacts dating back to around 221 BC, depicts signs of the various zodiac animals which dictates that the aspects were introduced to China via the Silk Road from India. However, other experts believe that the roots can be found much earlier in Chinese history when the first astronomers used Jupiter as their constant. Jupiter orbits the earth every 12 years and thus the 12 signs of the zodiac were created.

Yet another set of scholars follows the belief that early nomads and hunting tribes were responsible for the development of the Chinese zodiac through the depiction of animals that were prolific during certain periods. It is from this basis that we have seen the development of what are Chinese Horoscopes. These horoscopes play a large part in the lives of Chinese people and are based on this ancient format of 12 zodiac animals.

3. Modern Day Chinese Astrology

The Chinese Zodiac and Astronomy have seen changes over the centuries due to various rulers implementing adjustments to suit their political agendas. However, the current zodiac has seen no changes for an extended period of time.

Despite political attempts to eliminate the practice and following of Chinese astronomical beliefs, the custom is still highly revered and forms an established part of Chinese culture in modern society. The customs are widely practiced in business, relationships as well as everyday life. Chinese astronomy is also used in conjunction with other religions and doctrines such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Numerology, etc.

Can Horoscopes Help Careers Or Not?

The horoscopes can be found in most national newspapers, but they are most frequently read on the Internet. You can find a multitude of different companies that provide them for people that are interested in learning about what direction their life should go in, choices they should make, and also how to deal with current problems they have with their relationships. In very simple language, it is representative of what will happen in your future, using factors such as your character, personality, and current circumstances. It has to do with the position of the stars and planets right now, as well as where they were when you were born, and can also be affected by the position of the sun and the moon.

Those that know how to produce horoscopes will create an astrological chart, showing exactly what you need to do with your life. These are probabilities, not exact predictions, yet it is better than nothing and for many people has been what has been most helpful for changing their life for the better. That being said, can horoscopes actually help with careers, helping you to improve the one that you are in, or perhaps even find another? Let's look more in depth at what horoscopes actually do, how they are created specifically for your situation. Find out why they might be the most important information that you can get about horoscope based career choices and how they can help guide your professional life.

Getting Your Birth Chart

Whether you are looking at numerology, astrology, or horoscopes, the day of your birth is of utmost importance. This philosophy interchange the idea that the position of the sun, moon, planets, and the constellations in the sky all relate to the type of personality that you will probably have and in what direction your life should go in. A chart is often created which goes by many names including an astrological chart or a natal chart. This is left up to the astrologers interpretation in some cases, using the day of your birth, and the day that the natal chart is made, in order to make predictions about your future. They can also be used for making choices, specifically choices that you need to make in your career and also your personal life. If you are having problems with your job right now, getting this done might be the missing piece of the puzzle in finally allowing you to feel confident about making a decision that could make your life so much better.

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Is It Scientific?

Science is simply not an accurate measurement of whether astrology or horoscopes work because they are only able to make determinations based upon things that are repeatable. When a scientific experiment is done, the variables are always going to be the same in order to get the same result with every experiment that occurs. Horoscopes do have givens such as celestial bodies and your zodiac sign, allowing you to have some basis for making a determination as to which way to go. However, horoscopes are not about science but intuition, and this esoteric knowledge, which has a track record for being very helpful for those that use it in their lives.

Can Horoscopes Help Careers?

The answer to this question is absolutely yes. They can provide you with insight as to what may be coming in your direction. The choices that you make can ultimately lead you to a very profitable and rewarding career, and also help you with the misery you are currently experiencing if you do not like your job. This strategy is used as a measure of last resort with most people, individuals that are desperate to find a way out of their situation. More times than not, those that are able to read horoscopes that pertain to their particular zodiac sign are able to find some form of guidance in the information that is provided, helping you to make the right choice with whatever situation you are facing.Horoscopes are here to stay, primarily because they often provide people with valuable information that they can use. Although none of it has a scientific basis, intuition and gut feelings do not either, yet they are often the basis of the best choices we have ever made in our lives. Talk to a professional astrologer, have them look at your horoscope and create a natal chart so that you can determine what you need to do in a situation that seems unresolvable. You may be amazed at what your life will look like in six months, or even a year from now, with your job or career by trusting in the information provided by horoscopes.